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Bellut Chemical Industry and Trade Co. Ltd. Sti. solutions to the problems faced by farmers during the production of our research and development technology produces finding specific products. Nano Fiber Technology Barrier Our products produced by farmers, the amount of product they receive per unit area, plays a key role in increasing productivity and product quality.


  • Bağ Application Program
  • Narenciye Application Program
  • Çilek Application Program
  • Domates Application Program
  • Biber Application Program
  • Zeytin Application Program
  • Fındık Application Program

NFB (Nanofiber Barrier) What is it?

NFB technology in different plants used in different climatic conditions in various soil structure and effectiveness of the new generation is a proven technology. NFB technology reduces biotic and abiotic stress in plants it is applied. It increases the resistance to plant diseases.
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